“Hi, you found me!

My name is Petr Ogurcak and I can
create you a highly converting website.

Let me tell you a short story
about your new website.

It's your sales rep. Call him Bob.

Bob works for you as a sales rep.
He does a good job. You’re happy with his work.

You pay him £3000 per month. But he ...

  • is sometimes on holiday
  • has working hours
  • even sleeps at nights.

There is a better way

For the price of Bob’s monthly salary
you could have a salesman, who ...

  • never sleeps
  • never takes a holiday
  • makes money night and day.
It could be your better salesman.

3 Principles I’ll use to improve your business

It's all about your customers

Your website will give your customers information they're looking for.

A crystal clear message

Your website will sent a clear message what are you provide for them.

No distraction, one goal and one action

Your website will guide visitors around page without distraction to the conversion goal.

6 Testimonies that I don’t play games with you

Gabriela Kucerova - freelance PPC consultant

“Petr Ogurcak made my personal online portfolio. He was able to combine simplicity with effectivity. He explained me that design isn't just what it looks like. A web must work and must have a path to lead visitor to the conversion goal. I've received great feedback to my website from my clients and even from people within my field.

I always listened to his advice and it payed off.”

Gabriela Kucerova

freelance PPC consultant

Tomas Rejthar - CEO and founder of SAM73

“A partnership with Petr is excellent. I really appreciate his flexibility, his perspective on modern technologies and his approach to our customers. He is always looking for a way to make customers happy. This approach makes more profit for the company. The partnership has brought both a sharp increase in website sales through the e-shop as well as a lot of new Facebook followers.

I’m really happy with our business partnership and hope it will last for many years.”

Tomas Rejthar

CEO and co-founder of SAM 73

Adela Protivova - economics manager at VKM

“I’m happy with Petr’s work and attitude. The website he created for our company meets all our requirements.

Petr is very co-operative and capable of making simple, user-friendly and attractive websites.”

Adela Protivova

economics manager at VKM

Zuzana Pospisilova - freelance external accountant

“I’m thrilled with the implementation of my website. Petr has his own distinctive way. The original and excellent design peps up my website even though it's about 'boring' accounting! My first web customer told me that the website was enough to convince him to use the company. He didn't even check the recommendations.

It’s speaks for itself.”

Zuzana Pospisilova

freelance external accountant

Miroslav Vlcek - owner of breed kennel Malakasaso

“Petr helped me understand how to present our kennel and how to build a relevant audience. He taught me how to use the website and other marketing channels. Today, I can say that we've managed to make contact with enthusiasts around the world and now export our breeding to such far-flung destinations as Mexico. What's important for me is the hassle-free administration of the site and accommodating responses to my requests.

I would recommend working with Petr.”

Miroslav Vlcek

owner of breed kennel Malakasaso

Jan Kolbaba - freelance translator

“Petr Ogurcak was able to quickly and easily integrate to integrate a Twitter feed in to my current website, which was a problem for the other programmers I approached. Thus he proved to have an expert knowledge.

I will gladly turn to him again at some time in the future.”

Jan Kolbaba

freelance translator

Who will put your customers hat on?

My name is Petr Ogurcak.

I have been making websites and e-shops, thinking and learning about user behavior for more than 8 years.

I eat, sleep, breathe and build websites in the Czech republic.

I speak English and I’m pretty good at Czech.

To know more follow me @petrogurcak

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Petr Ogurcak

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